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Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden

Rainbow Coast Neighbourhood Centre Community Garden


Product Description

  • Comprises of a communal garden
  • A community kitchen, meeting room, and learning space
  • Regular community gatherings produce swaps, workshops, and demonstrations
  • Performance and event spaces
  • Support for horticultural based micro-enterprises
  • Information displays, notice boards, and a library.

The RCNC Community Garden is a welcoming place where we can all teach, learn,
play, celebrate and grow.

Our food culture is evolving.

We are awakening to the need for a more just, resilient, ecologically-friendly and sustainable food production and distribution system for our communities.

The time has come – we need places where we can converge and innovate!

RCNC envisions a network of inclusive, welcoming, and inspiring neighbourhood spaces that support and encourage our pursuit of economically, ecologically, and socially-enriching food production through our exploration of ideas and our exchange of knowledge and resources.

We see a future where:
A network of community gardens, kitchens, learning spaces, celebration spaces, markets and more form a thriving, local, food based culture.

People feel integrated and welcome in their local community and feel a sense of belonging in a network of innovative and productive community projects that build our resilience, abundance, and joy.

People have embraced eating diverse, locally produced, nutritious, seasonal foods and participate in activities that further their knowledge and skills in relation to food culture and healthy eating habits.
The Great Southern supports a rich and diverse local food economy that celebrates our place, our history, our people, and our natural environment.

The new location of our Community Garden is Humphreys Street behind the Mt Lockyer Primary School, next to the Child and Parent Centre.


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