Pannawonica Community Garden

Pannawonica Community Garden


Product Description


  • A shared garden where participants share the gardening and the harvest;
  • A place to nurture community spirit and relationships through gardening and community drop-in mornings;
  • A place where parents can bring their children and encourage family activities together;
  • Access to fresh, nutritious food which is difficult to source in a remote location;
  • Reduce expenditure and supplement the family food supply; and
  • An open, inviting place to share knowledge and provide the opportunity to learn new skills, through informal and formal gatherings.



  • Garden plots with raised beds to enable all gardeners to tend to garden beds comfortably;
  • Shade for shelter against the sun;
  • Communal sitting areas;
  • Outdoor cooking area for community meals;
  • Play area for children;
  • Lockable shed/s for storage;
  • Nursery for plant propagation;
  • Garden plots for other Pannawonica Community amenities;
  • Fairy garden; and
  • Beehive.


  • A welcoming family-friendly area;
  • Facilities for visiting town services; and
  • Kitchen facilities.


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