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Northey Street City Farm

Northey Street City Farm


Product Description

Founded in 1994, Northey Street City Farm has since created a vibrant green oasis in the heart of Brisbane. We believe that the dominant way of life is unsustainable but by practicing Permaculture we can create an environmentally, socially and economically just world. We have a vision of all living sustainably.

Our purpose is to be an inspirational working model of a community-based urban permaculture farm which promotes and educates for sustainability. Northey Street City Farm provides a site for people from all walks of life to volunteer and learn about permaculture principles. Northey Street City Farm is a non-profit community organisation situated on the banks of Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek in Windsor.

More than 1500 exotic and native fruit trees, bush food plants, shrubs and ground covers have been planted on the four hectare farm site since its inception.

The farm has been developed for people to enjoy and participate in using the principles of permaculture. It is also intended to be a demonstration site where people of all ages can learn through practical, hands on experience.


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