Kooloora Community Garden

Kooloora Community Garden


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Kooloora Community Garden was established in 2010. Its design is based on raised cylindrical garden beds, think corrugated iron water tanks, of various widths and heights, surrounded by mounded garden beds with indigenous plants, herbs, and other beneficial plants like comfrey, wormwood, and southernwood. The paths in between are mulched and soft underfoot. A recent addition to the garden is a ‘wetlands hollow’ now with frogs in residence.

Gardening here is based on permaculture principles: cooperative gardening, sharing produce, keeping soil healthy, composting, companion planting, etc, and the use of chemicals is a big NO-NO.

Currently, we are dealing with root knot nematodes!! Lots of mustard seeds and marigolds will be planted over the next few seasons to help keep this problem under control. In the meantime, new no-dig garden beds have been established.

Randwick City Council has run two courses here. One on permaculture gardening and one on creating a food forest.


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