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Global Perspectives, Local Impact: Churchill Fellos in Urban Agriculture

Global Perspectives, Local Impact: Churchill Fellos in Urban Agriculture


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Each year since 1965 about 3,500 Australians are awarded a Churchill Fellowship, supporting an overseas exploration to learn about significant innovations in diverse spheres of social life, and bring back lessons that may be of wider benefit to the Australian community.

In this webinar, setting the scene for a week of exploration through the Urban Agriculture Forum, we will hear from 4 Churchill Fellows – two who have completed their trips, and two who face the new uncertainty and constraints of overseas travel in 2021.

Reflecting on their completed Fellowships – we will hear from Nick Rose, whose study explored models of urban agriculture that could generate livelihood opportunities, especially for young people; and/or enhance food security for vulnerable and low-income groups; and David Mason, who research sought to identify how sustainable urban agriculture can benefit the quality of life of Australian urban communities.

Speaking on their proposed research and the creative and adaptive learnings when a global pandemic leaves you home-bound, we will hear from:

  • Naomi Lacey (President of CGA), who seeks to study peak community garden bodies to continue the development of our national organisation, and
  • Gavin Hardy (QLD State Representative of CGA) will investigate the potential of community food forests and orchards
  • David Mason’s work set’s out to ensure that urban agriculture is accorded the opportunity to optimise its contribution to food security

This is the first evening webinar supporting the Urban Agriculture Forum, proving more opportunities to connect, grow and share. Purchasing a 3-day pass to the Urban Agriculture Forum gives you free access to all three evening webinars!


Registrations close at 5PM AEDT on April 18th – see website link below.


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