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Coogee Community Garden

Coogee Community Garden


Product Description

We are a group of people living in Coogee who love the smell of homegrown tomatoes. We want to establish a garden in Coogee so we can grow vegetables and nurture the community. Over the past few years, a small but dedicated crew have maintained the enthusiasm and the dream of a community garden. And, now it is a reality!

Membership of Coogee Community Garden (CCG) is open to adults of 18 years and above, although children and young adults can attend the garden with their parents and guardians. There are two kinds of active members at the CCG.

  1. Garden Lovers — those who participate in activities of the garden, such as using the community garden areas, but do not have a plot
  2. Garden Growers (Plot members) — those who have been allocated plots.


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