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The point of this is 3-fold...

  1. Promote the benefits of membership to gardens who are not already members (and include nice "testimonial" grabs)
  2. Provide a clear CTA to start the membership application process (fill out the form)
  3. Provide linkages to various members services as they are developed (eg, link to manage their insurance policy details)


Why join? Help us help you...

The Network exists to support and promote community gardens in Australia.

Cultivating an engaged and contented community around a garden involves a broad range of challenges, from insurance to security of tenure and group governance.

The Network is a place to connect with peers, share experience,and develop common cause around issues and opportunities.


  • National network and periodic news updates
  • Bulk insurance (coming)
  • Listing in the National Directory
  • Support from State-based Reps


Community Gardens Australia (CGA) is the operating name of the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network, Inc. When you become a member of CGA, you can choose the most appropriate category for your situation.

You will need to register yourself personally before you can act on behalf of an organisation or group (like a garden). More than one person can be associated with your garden, and each person should have their own login.

Applying to join the Network is a simple process that will take less than 5 minutes. We will review the application and, if approved, send instructions for the new account.

Types of membership

  • Full/Voting: intended primarily for gardens. Annual dues - $50 or $20 concession
  • Associate/non-Voting: for corporates, supporting organisations, individuals. Annual dues - $100 or $20 concession
  • Public: for anyone who wants to be able to update their listings in the Directory. Free.

For paid memberships we do not process payment until the application has been approved.

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