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The Community Garden is permanently open to visitors, treat it as a park and enjoy! Friday busy bees are on from 4-6pm until 26/11/21, re-starting 1/4/2022. Everybody is welcome to the busy bees or to wander through and check out progress any time! The area also has a garden boat and sandpit. Even if you just want to pop by to check it out or spend half an hour helping out you are more than welcome.
This is a place where we hope to promote growing of vegetables and fruit to people in Karratha, to improve our environment by increasing composting and local production and just generally to demonstrate that vegie growing isn’t just possible in Karratha, it’s also a huge amount of fun.

Busy bees we are also interested in hearing from groups or people who may also want to use the site for other community activities. This is a place created by the people of Karratha, for the people of Karratha and also for the fellowship of community and advancement of better care for our environment.Busy bees Friday from 4-6pm until 26/11/21, re-starting 1/4/22. It is also open 24/7 for the community to enjoy. Come along and join in!



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