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Local community garden based in the northern suburbs of Launceston

Peace Garden is the community connector in Launceston’s northern suburbs. We bring people together in leadership, sharing and through learning. Our garden is a safe and trustful place to be, built on a culture of friendship, healthy wellbeing and richness

We lead and teach our community to be healthy, to work together in the garden amongst friends, and to volunteer.

We share the fruits of our garden and our kitchen with the community.

We learn together as a warm, healthy and robust community. We look out for each other, we are inclusive and welcoming.

Peace Garden is a community-owned centre based on the principles of leadership, sharing and learning.

Our business is to grow healthy communities through a culture of fresh produce, healthy food, shared stories and inclusion.

We grow fruit and vegetables to sell to the surrounding community. We help our community maintain independence through our garden and home maintenance service. We cook together using our cultures to share stories and recipes.

Peace Garden is a social enterprise of the Northern Suburbs Community Centre. By using trading, training and employment pathways we support the community with fresh fruit and vegetable boxes, community lunches and garden maintenance.



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Hosted By Joanne Dean

TAS State Coord.

I love to garden and share the joy of food growing with others. Community gardens are great places to meet like-minded people who care for the earth and have a love of the natural world. I express this through teaching permaculture, both locally and overseas through school programs, TAFE, university and community workshops. We are living in interesting times and the time to start growing your own food is now. Our health, and the health of the planet benefits through local food growing systems by creating local resilient communities.