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Category: Plants

Babaco — bit like a pawpaw but not quite

It's another of the fast-fruits, those quick-to-fruit species that we can plant in our community gardens and that take little

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Lemon myrtle a tasty tree

Lemon myrtle is an indigenous Australian tree for larger community or home gardens unless grown as a pruned specimen.

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Which Kale is really a Swede?!

People are very excited about kale these days. This is a love-hate vegetable. There are signs in Sydney suburbs declaring

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Lillypilly time

The little red fruit on the ground was the giveaway. Reddish and around a centimetre in diameter...

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Edible roots for the community garden

Root crops are carbohydrate staples that deserve space in the community garden...

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Fast fruits

Fast, tasty, abundant — the fast fruits are suitable for even small community gardens...

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