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Category: Ideas

INFO SHEET: Plan of Management template

CGA has been working with local government and new community garden groups to...

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INFO SHEET: Starting a community garden checklist

After visiting community gardens, use this checklist in a debriefing session....

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INFO SHEET: Using water wisely

Combined with the compost and mulch, harvesting and using rainwater is another water-conserving technique...

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INFO SHEET: Thinking about safety

A guide to safety in the community garden... keeping gardening safe for all...

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Chooks — the most populous bird in world

If plants are the stationery parts of the community garden, chooks are the mobile parts...

Read More links food waste to compost

ShareWaste is a great online way to connect people who want to recycle their kitchen waste with neighbours who are

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COMMUNITY GARDENS: council concerns

Story and photos by Russ Grayson It seems a simple thing for councils to do. Handing over an area of

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Vegetable and fish — all in together

AQUAPONICS — it's way to grow vegetables and fish together, without soil here at the Randwick Organic Community Garden ...

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In designing community gardens, social design comes first

Community garden planning should be a people-led, not a design-led process.

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MulchNet—mulch drop-off

MulchNet seeks mulch drop off locations in Sydney region...

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