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Information sheets — the list

Information sheets — the list

Download our information sheets by the link provided…

Community Gardening

  • Start a community garden — a ten-step process [PDF 2.7MB]
  • Common objections — to community gardens and how to frame your plans to address them [PDF 1.3MB]
  • Garden checklist — ideas to consider before starting a community garden [PDF 148KMB]
  • Plan of management template – PDF [613KB] and Pages [2.1MB] version
  • Start with garden design — productive ideas for home and community gardeners [PDF 2.7MB]
  • Understanding our site — needs, site and sector analysis – the basis of good design [PDF 61KMB]
  • Materials for building — community gardens [PDF 5.2MB]
  • Thinking about safety — in our community garden [PDF 1.7MB]
  • Community gardening — growing food, growing community [PDF 2.1MB]


  • Organic gardening — productive, safe gardening for home & community gardeners [PDF 2.5MB]
  • Creative composting — for home and community gardening [PDF 2.7MB]
  • Creating good soils — the most important part of organic gardening [PDF 2.5MB]
  • No-dig or mulch gardening — for the home and community gardener [PDF 3.6MB]
  • Using water wisely — gardening food on a dry continent [PDF 4.9MB]
  • Making a food forest — cultivated ecology for home and community garden design [PDF 5.7MB]
  • Managing garden pests — with an integrated or diverse pest management strategy [PDF 3.9MB]
  • Crop rotation — managing pests and maintain plant health [PDF 3.7MB]
  • Container gardens — grow your own on a balcony or in a community garden [PDF 1.9MB].

Verge gardens

  • Verge gardening — farming the urban footpath – 2 pages [PDF 1.3MB]
  • Farmers of the urban footpath — ideas for urban food gardeners and local government – 50 pages [PDF 14.7MB].


  • Creating a perma-culture — a design approach to creative living – A3 [PDF 2.8MB]
  • Planning a PermaBlitz — in a community garden [PDF 2.1MB].

Community Food 

  • Community food systems — communities providing for themselves – A3 [PDF 3.3MB].


  • Blogging your stories — let’s get our message out [PDF 2.4MB]
  • The media release — a guide to writing your own [PDF 2.2MB].

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