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Rules for Community Gardens Australia Inc

Rules for Community Gardens Australia Inc

Community Gardens Australia (CGA) operates under an appropriate governance system that is appropriate for a network of our size and scope.

The Constitution was first adopted when we incorporated in Victoria, 2001. It underwent a major revision and was re-adopted in 2016.

In 2020 we updated the Constitution to reflect the organisation’s name change to Community Gardens Australia Incorporated.

Our name

The name of the incorporated association is “Community Gardens Australia Incorporated”.

Our purposes

Community Gardens Australia facilitates the exchange of information and gathering of consensus among community gardens around Australia.



Within the limits of its capacity, the network will:

  • advocate on behalf of community gardens
  • provide presentations and advice to local government, other institutions, and communities interested in establishing community gardens
  • document and communicate the development of community gardening in Australia
  • provide a list of contacts through which the public may contact community gardens.

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