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Urban Research Network ready to support the online Community Garden Map

Urban Research Network ready to support the online Community Garden Map

ACFCGN are excited to let members know that the Australian Urban Research Network (AURIN) has reached out and offered to support the Garden Map Directory that we currently manage. AURIN is a part of the Commonwealth-funded effort to create a national research network. The AURIN research network connects some of the best minds in Australia’s leading universities.

Data Convenor John Brisbin explains: “The Garden Directory is one of ACFCGN’s core achievements. But we want to improve the Directory by gathering more listings and ensuring the current listings are accurate. The AURIN agreement will provide much-needed credibility and some resourcing to upgrade our website so that researchers and the general public can use the Directory more effectively.”

Under the AURIN agreement, researchers will be able to use a clean version of the Directory for their projects that aim to better understand urban trend and dynamics.

John clarifies: “The only data being provided to AURIN is the publicly-available data already collected. Existing privacy arrangements are respected.”

For more information

Visit AURIN network’s website

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  • John McBain
    John McBain
    13/12/2018 at 1:18 pm Reply

    This is a great developing partnership which will bear fruit for ACFCGN and all community gardens well into the future.

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