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Join in on International Permaculture Day 2017

Join in on International Permaculture Day 2017

Open day for community gardens during International Permaculture Day 2017

With its focus on local action for the greater good, International Permaculture Day (IPD) shows that permaculture is a global movement of creative people building communities that are resilient and convivial.
One of those local actions is community gardening, a practice that builds a sense of place and community at the same time it provides us with good, tasty food.

Community gardening is one of those practices used in permaculture and even if you don’t consider yourself a permaculture practitioner or your garden an example of permaculture design, opening your garden for IPD will demonstrate how community initiative builds social solutions and how it recreates the commons, those resources managed responsibly by communities for all to enjoy.

It’s easy for your community garden or city farm to participate in IPD

All you need do is have people in the garden on the day to take a guided tour and answer visitor’s questions.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not hold a public workshop on some aspect of garden planning and management?

Upload your community garden event on the IPD website

Then list your event on the IPD website telling people where you are, when your garden will be open, and any special activities you have planned. First, you will need to become a new user and register on their website to upload your event.

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