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Jo Dean Northern Suburbs Community Centre - A Peace of the Garden
Jo Dean
State Rep, Tasmania

Jo is a permaculturalist based in Northern Tasmania who works closely with commnity groups in the region and abroad sharing her passion for living in a way that enhances community resilience. She has a background in Landcare and garden-based community development, with a specific interest in family/community scale organic food production, mostly  focusing on working with nature to create a dynamic, healthy soil biome. Jo loves to share her pasion for growing health-giving food through education programs in schools, colleges, community settings, university and through short videos.

"There are so many benefits for community when people have the desire and skills to grow their own food. We should never underestimate the capacity of a community garden to meet the needs of individuals. By spending time in the great outdoors, meeting like-minded people, keeping physically fit and connecting with community, a community garden is a wonderful meeting place where people care for each other and share in a way that benefits everyone. I love it! :)"

You can connect with her at: tas@communitygarden.org.au

State News

As part of the Tamar Valley Peace Festival, ABC Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis visited a number of gardens around Launceston sharing his passion and wisdom for the role gardens play in creating a peaceful world. - continue reading...