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Gavin Hardy
Gavin Hardy
State Rep, Queensland

Awesome would be seeing every Queenslander easily accessing their community garden, food forest or orchard to grow and harvest local fresh produce, learn new skills, meet other folk, play in a natural setting, celebrate life and just relax.

For 25 years I've been designing, building, managing, writing, researching, advocating & participating in community food initiatives. This year (2020) I have been nominated for a Churchill Fellowship to investigate community food  forests and community orchards around the world. I'm based in Brisbane but I have a wide view of all community food projects across the length and breadth of Queensland. So, get in touch and let me know how I can help you grow your project.

You can connect with Gav at:  qld@communitygarden.org.au

State News


The latest Community Gardening news from Queensland is here! Just click on the file below.

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Hi everyone,

Here's my August 2020 report for Queensland:

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