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Community garden poster

Community garden poster

Artist Lucy Everitt produced the wonderful original watercolour painting for the Community Garden Australia. In it she illustrates many of the things we love about community gardens. People growing food and growing community of course.

Community garden poster

But also the ways community gardens:

  • become community gathering places
  • produce an incredible diversity of plants, from aztec corn and Brussels sprouts to warrigal greens and moon and stars melons
  • protect food biodiversity by saving and sharing seed
  • promote food literacy and healthy eating
  • provide venues for community arts projects
  • demonstrate environmental best practice, from waste recycling to rainwater harvesting, with numerous downstream effects
  • care for soil and provide havens for urban wildlife
  • are places of learning and information sharing
  • adapt to meet the needs of their participants and communities
  • inspire people to grow food in their own homes, schools and street verges.

Download a copy

Look out for the poster at your local community garden. You can make copies for distributed by downloading the poster in the 'resource file' section below.

We’d love your help getting it out there!

Creative Commons licenseThe poster is released under a Creative Commons licence, which means that we welcome people to print, share, re-post, or otherwise distribute in any way they wish, provided the poster is not altered and it’s not used for profit.

The poster...

Community garden poster

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