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Events can be listed in a calendar format, but this needs to be reserved until there is a credible number of events. When there is less than 10 events per month, it makes more sense to simply list them as text with event dates shown.

Shareable calendars are certainly possible if we stick with a well-supported platform and require all events to be published in that format. Google Calendar is the only platform we should consider.))

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The latest Community Gardening news from Queensland is here! Just click on the file below.

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Artist Lucy Everitt produced the wonderful original watercolour painting for Community Garden Australia. In it she illustrates many of the things we love about community gardens. People growing food and growing community of course. - continue reading...

There are two ways to start a community garden, from the bottom up or the top down. Both approaches work and which one is used depends upon where the proposal for a community garden comes from.b - continue reading...

This Community Garden Management Plan template is about the governance of your community garden.... It's about social design rather than site design although it does cover management of the site in general. - continue reading...