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We'll ask a few questions about you, and some questions about the garden (or other entity) you'd like to propose for membership.

Basic info about you
Your name
Best phone number to reach you.
Best way to reach you by email
Your location
We need to generally locate you (suburb/State/Postcode) so that we can connect you with the best support people in your area.
About the membership
CGA benefits of special interest to you or your organisation
Let us know what CGA benefits especially important for this membership.
Membership affiliation
Let us know who will be the member: an organisation or an individual.  Generally, membership is intended for organisations, but you can apply personally under certain circumstances.
You are applying on behalf of a garden or related organisation.
You are applying for membership for yourself.
Type of membership
Let us know what sort of membership you propose. Full and Associate memberships are offered at full and reduced pricing. Public memberships are free.
Full members have voting rights in the organisation and access to all benefits.
Associate members do not vote. They can access most benefits of membership.
Public members do not vote. They can update a Directory listing.
Answering these questions will help us process your application quicker.
Affiliation info
Type of organisation
Use this for formal and informal gardens, existing or planned.
Organisation - Garden
We need to know which garden you wish to make application for. Use this to check if your garden is already in our system so we can easily reference it.

Start typing the name of the garden, slowly, and let the system search of a matching entry.
New or existing?
What was the result of your search above?
Garden: New Listing
Garden location
Please give as close a location as possible, even if it is just the street name.
Any comment or other information you'd like to tell us about why this listing should be included in the Directory?
Garden with existing Listing
Great! We should have all the info we need.
Thanks for the application: we'll be in touch soon.
Other type of Organisation
Please give us a couple of sentences about the organisation you're proposing for membership. How is the organisation related to the community garden sector? How do you believe membership would benefit both the organisation and CGA?
Individual membership
Purpose of membership
Membership is generally intended for organisations. However, there are special cases when individual membership is appropriate. Please provide further information so we know more about your intentions.
Are you now or do you plan to serve as part of the national executive committee?
Are you intending to actively promote, represent, and influence on behalf of CGA?
Are you interested in supporting the CGA as a patron?