Community Gardens Australia (formerly known as Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network) is an incorporated non-profit association. We are a diverse, skilled, and capable team working to link people interested in community gardening around Australia.

Our community-based organisation provides a platform for people interested in city farms, community gardening, food gardening in schools and other community food systems. We help people share their stories, their knowledge, and their ideas.

Within its limits, the CGA:

  • advocates on behalf of community gardeners and city farms
  • provides education and information on our website and social media
  • provides a mapping service to document city farms, community gardens and other community food systems around Australia
  • provides email discussion lists nationally and in some states
  • advises local government, institutions and communities interested in establishing community gardens
  • documents the development of community gardening in Australia
  • is available to the media.


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Community Gardens Australia is all of us: gardeners, organisers, administrators, funders, patrons, neighbours, and all the living biota we collaborate with.

Please allow us to introduce some of our special people:

State Reps

Lorna Martin
Lorna Martin
State Rep, Victoria

Why I love Community Gardening.

Is it the people you meet, the healthy fresh organic food you grow, the fresh air & exercise, the educational programs to teach others, the fun events and tours or the delicious meal shared with members of other community gardens? It is all of these. It is also knowing that time spent growing our own food in a community space enables the sharing of knowledge through workshops & events, the exchange of excess produce through food swaps and socialising with like minded people of all ages and abilities. We all benefit  Physically,  Mentally and Socially.

Connect with her at:

Oscar Danvers
Oscar Danvers
Co-Representative: Victoria

Oscar has a Bachelor Degree in Sustainable Community Development focusing on urban agriculture and community gardens, as well as 20 years’ experience growing home veggie gardens. Oscar works for Australian Ecosystems and Biofilta who are industry leaders in the Australian urban agriculture industry.

He is also the owner of Urban Food Revolution, a company that provides clients with urban agriculture solutions. Oscar has also worked with a number of community gardens on various projects, and he is currently studying a Masters Degree in Sustainable Agriculture focusing on urban agriculture.

Passion for urban agriculture is an understatement: I am obsessed. 

You can connect with Oscar at:

Gavin Hardy
Gavin Hardy
State Rep, Queensland

Awesome would be seeing every Queenslander easily accessing their community garden, food forest or orchard to grow and harvest local fresh produce, learn new skills, meet other folk, play in a natural setting, celebrate life and just relax.

For 25 years I've been designing, building, managing, writing, researching, advocating & participating in community food initiatives. This year (2020) I have been nominated for a Churchill Fellowship to investigate community food  forests and community orchards around the world. I'm based in Brisbane but I have a wide view of all community food projects across the length and breadth of Queensland. So, get in touch and let me know how I can help you grow your project.

You can connect with Gav at:

Christy Spier Profile Picture
Christy Spier
State Rep, South Australia

Christy shares this role in SA with Alex Miller. They facilitate the SA Community Gardens Network Facebook Group and two annual gatherings for gardens to share their experiences.

Christy works as an Adaptive Communities Coordinator for Green Adelaide and facilitates the SA Urban Food Network. She contributes to her local community garden, The Goody Patch where she can and fosters a local neighbourhood network to build local food resilience.

Alex and a wonderful team were instrumental in establishing one of Adelaide's newest gardens the North Brighton Community Garden. She is collecting urban food stories for the SA Urban Food Network while planning future study in urban agriculture.

If you are not on Facebook, you can connect with them at:

Jo Dean Northern Suburbs Community Centre - A Peace of the Garden
Jo Dean
State Rep, Tasmania

Jo is a permaculturalist based in Northern Tasmania who works closely with commnity groups in the region and abroad sharing her passion for living in a way that enhances community resilience. She has a background in Landcare and garden-based community development, with a specific interest in family/community scale organic food production, mostly  focusing on working with nature to create a dynamic, healthy soil biome. Jo loves to share her pasion for growing health-giving food through education programs in schools, colleges, community settings, university and through short videos.

"There are so many benefits for community when people have the desire and skills to grow their own food. We should never underestimate the capacity of a community garden to meet the needs of individuals. By spending time in the great outdoors, meeting like-minded people, keeping physically fit and connecting with community, a community garden is a wonderful meeting place where people care for each other and share in a way that benefits everyone. I love it! :)"

You can connect with her at:

Chris Smyth
WA State Rep

Chris helped set up Murdoch Community Garden in 2013. He manages the administration side of the community garden's activities, helps out with garden maintenance and makes preserves and other foodstuff from the garden produce.

You can reach him on:

Office bearers

Naomi biopic
Naomi Lacey

Naomi is a permaculturalist who is passionate about promoting healthy food systems, sustainable lifestyles and cultivating community. She helped to establish the first community garden in the satellite city of Palmerston near Darwin and from there became involved with Community Gardens Australia (CGA) in 2015 then taking on the role of President in 2019.

Naomi believes that community gardens have a pivotal role to play in ensuring better health outcomes for Australians, building community, addressing the climate crisis, reducing waste and educating people.

Awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2019 to learn from community garden networks around the world, Naomi’s vision for CGA is to build the organisation into one that supports the growth and needs of community gardens around Australia, providing them with education, support, resources and sustenance to continue their work and therefore their positive impact on the communities they reside in.

You can contact her on:

Josh Barnes

Josh is...

As Secretary, Josh is the receiving officer for all official communications. You can reach him on:

John Brisbin
John Brisbin
Treasurer and Data Convenor

Based in Far North Queensland, John is a passionate cultivator of community. He is always ready to discuss change-agent strategies over a table of garden-grown goodness.

I've been privileged to serve CGA in a couple of roles for over a decade now, and can see that there is so much more of our story still ahead. If this network can help people all over the country see and appreciate their local community gardens, then I think we will be part of a great success.

You can connect with John at:

Jane in her element at a community garden.
Jane Mowbray
Membership Coordinator

Jane Mowbray has been a community gardener and seed saver for a couple of decades. She joined her local community garden in Sydney hoping to find or recruit  more seed savers but instead she became a dedicated community gardener. Jane believes there is nothing that provides a better sense of belonging to a community and to the wonders of the natural world than being part of a community garden. 

You can connect with Jane at:

Karen Gardham
Committee Member

Karen is...

You can connect with Karen at:


We operate under an appropriate governance system that is appropriate for a network off our size and scope. The Constitution was first adopted when we incorporated in Victoria, 2001. It underwent a major revision and was re-adopted in 2016.

In 2020 we updated the Constitution to reflect the organisation's name change to Community Gardens Australia.




The organisation has continued to step forward under the leadership of John McBain and the current President, Naomi Lacey


This decade was facilitated by the steady and inspired work of Fiona Campbell, Russ Grayson, and Morag Gamble amongst others.

(History and comments to come)


Dr Phillips founded the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network. Below is an edited version of the introduction to the 1996 Australian City Farms, Community Gardens and Enterprise Centres Inventory.

The Inventory, published by Dr Phillip’s Hobart, Tasmania-based company, Symbioun Australia, and now out of print, went into two printings to cope with demand.

Even before it was published, people in different states surveying known community gardens realised that the Inventory would be incomplete as previously unknown gardens continued to be discovered.